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Simply Talented Semi Finalists CHosen

by Gordon Coombes

SImply Talented Judges.png

Round 1 of Simply Talented auditions are in the books. Wow! We had a incredible group of contestants who made the judges job extremely difficult!

Simply Talented The Host.png

Simply Talented is a television inspired talent competition hosted by TEAM Wellness & Prevention. We started with 27 contestants who performed various talent acts in front of four judges over three nights. The judges paired down the field to 15 contestants that will go on to the semi finals that will be held on Monday December 3rd and Tuesday December 4th. The semi finals will be at the Sundance Steakhouse and Saloon in Fort Collins. At that time, the judges will reduce the field to the top 10 performers who will go on to perform at the Simply Talented Finale and Gala on February 22, 2019.

Join TEAM and your host for Simply Talented Semi Finals, Anthony McGlaun, for an awesome, fun filled show. The Sundance has graciously closed its doors for this private, two night event. They will have a limited dinner menu available for purchase. Please consider coming out to support our talented youth from our community. Tickets are $5.00 per night or $7.50 for both nights.

Don’t believe us when we tell you these are talented artists? Here is a sneak peak from their first round auditions:




Save the Date: February 22, 2019

Support mental health through

substance abuse prevention and treatment on colorado gives day

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Mental health is at a crisis level in Northern Colorado and across the nation. In Larimer County, suicides have doubled since 2009 and we have one of the highest suicide rates in the nation. One in five adults in the United States experience mental illness and 20% of youth between the ages of 13 and 18 live with a mental health condition. Substance use disorder is closely intertwined with mental illness.

TEAM provides mental health and substance use disorder prevention, intervention and treatment for youth, teens and young adults. TEAM works upstream of traditional treatment programs in order to support healthy lifestyles and prevent mental illness before it becomes a crisis to individuals and the community.

Your support of TEAM on Colorado Gives Day will keep youth and young adults from having a mental health crisis. Join team is preventing mental illness and substance use disorder.



Utilizing Positive Youth Development to Improve Community Health

by Adam Musielewicz- Coalition Director


It sounds simple enough: engage partners in your work that are directly effected by it. Yet, amidst busy schedules, time tables, and expectations, reaching out and including voices in the planning and implementing of programs, policies, or new practices is sometimes a challenge. Positive Youth Development (PYD) is the answer to this conundrum when it comes to creating partnerships with youth when attempting to solve problems that effect whole communities, but especially young people. It is in this vein, the Southern Larimer Prevention Partnership (SLPP) prioritized PYD as a community engagement/training topic. In November, 30+ attendees ranging from Thompson School District staff, to non-profit community partners gathered to learn about PYD, and how to create meaningful and trusting partnerships with youth. The highlight: a portion of the training facilitated by youth leaders themselves, from the Berthoud and Loveland Youth Advisory Commissions (YAC's) on how best to include youth voice in bettering the community. Thank you to all participants and the youth facilitators that made the day successful! 


Survey Sarah

“Zoom Out” A Film About Impact

By Sarah Allison- Evaluation Director

This month, we here at TEAM have been talking a lot about our impact and what that really means. While it can be easy to say that our impact is quantified by the number of youth we reach or the results from our surveys, it is also important to think about our indirect impact. All of the individuals we reach and work with have their own lives and connections. Through these networks, the impact of our programming spreads beyond the individual to the community.

Please take the time to watch this short film about the ripple-effect of our work.


Programming for prevention

What we do matters

By Meg Rohde- Program Specialist


Through my role at Team I’ve been working with youth in our community on substance use prevention for over 2.5 years.  The main point I try to drive home in any of my programs or presentation is the following:

What we do matters. 

What we do matters for our future.  Our choices, actions, and consequences impact who we are tomorrow.  For worse or for better.

What we do matters for the development of our brains.  The majority of addictions begin in adolescence because our brains are still developing during this time.  Everything we learn, master, and do shape how our brains will be. For. Life. (…for the most part.)


What we do shapes who we are. 

And then it hit me.  For the last 2 years I was preaching that what we do matters and I wasn’t giving the youth I worked with much opportunity to do.  Why? Because it’s hard to get creative with a lesson plan in the confines of a class room and 45 minutes.  Because we work in the world of non-profits and underfunded schools.  And because, as it turns out, I was just waiting for an opportunity to come around the corner.

This fall, opportunity came.  And ironically, it came through the work I do providing our Define program to students at an alternative school at Poudre High School called Opportunities Unlimited.  I have worked with this program in the past and absolutely love what it provides to the students who attend. 

Opportunities Unlimited works with students who just didn’t make it in traditional school for one reason or another.  The program helps these students complete their high school diplomas while introducing them to a variety of career options and eventually, enrolling them at Front Range Community College free of charge.   

So, with the chance for me to provide the Define program again this semester, I decided I could finally practice what I preach.  That what we DO matters. 


This fall, in addition to the Define program curriculum, I finally got the opportunity to introduce this group to healthy meaningful activities that they might be interested in taking up as hobbies.  Because what we DO matters.  So far we have explored parkour, DJing, boxing, yoga, disc golf, and roller derby.  And let me tell you, it is so cool to see these young people exploring a new activity for the first time and it feels great to final practice what you preach! 



Parenting Partnerships

Your Life on BrainWise: Part 8

By Jane Wilson- Parent Engagement Specialist

Nov newsletter picture.jpg

When we need information but do not ask the right questions, we form opinions on partial information – last month we learned that asking the right questions involves using thinking skills and takes time to master. With practice, the brain is able to retrieve information faster and rapidly sort through the knowledge you have fed it, selecting what you need to ask the right questions.

When faced with an opportunity to make a decision, the first step is to Identify Your Choices, which is Wise Way #7. People who tend to rely on their Lizard Brain often act as if they have only one option. People who use thinking skills realize they have many choices. When you learn to identify all your choices, you send signals to your Wizard Brain for analysis, and it uses the banks of information it has stored. It is important to remember that not making a choice is a choice in itself.

BrainWise Wise Way #7 builds on the skills we have learned through the previous Wise Ways. Identifying your choices teaches kids that there is more than one way to respond to a problem. Lizard Brain thinkers respond impulsively and see only one way to react to a problem because they do not stop and think about other options. As far as they are concerned, they have no other choices. This lesson is important because the best learning comes when children identify for themselves the choices available in dealing with a problem.

Youth tend to only look at one or two alternatives and make a choice from those options. They do not consider the consequences when making a decision either. (We will look consequences next month). To help your kids get in the habit of generating as many choices (good and bad) as possible, ask them questions such as “Do you think that is your only choice?” and “What is another choice you have?” Encouraging kids to take responsibility of their choices will continue to foster their Wizard Brain connection.

For more information on Engaging Families and the BrainWise program, email

RAR News

Three Years of RAR

By Nathan Dewey- RAR Program Specialist

My third anniversary as RAR Program Specialist has recently passed and over these past few years, I have come to notice that November is one of the busiest times in the RAR world. It is the time of year that we create the events calendar, meetings calendar and training for the forthcoming year, as well as, the time of year that we reach out to the members to get them more involved in what we are doing here. I thought this month’s article would be a great opportunity to introduce, or re-introduce, some of the events and training we have here at RAR. We have extra courses for alcohol and marijuana responsible service training, to make sure everyone is up to speed and covered for liability in the upcoming holiday season. RAR gets involved in helping facilitate and consult its members to make sure that their establishments and employees are as responsible as possible and prepared for the holiday season and all of its dangers as well. Secondly, it is the time of year when we are selecting members locations that we will host our varied events at, such as RAR Hopping, RAR Member meetings, TiPS & TenderWise Training, to name a few.  

Many of you may not even be aware of the regular events and training we hold, therefore I would like to go over them briefly for you:

RAR Hopping Logo.png

RAR Hopping: Our newest event to promote and highlight the relationship between the RAR member and our organization, as well as our combined efforts in providing and creating a safer community. RAR Hopping is a way we can give back to the RAR member for their support of what we are doing here at TEAM Wellness & Prevention. The events are going to feature RAR members who have been in support of us for a long time or are new and eager to help out.

RAR Member Meetings:  About every other month, we hold meetings exclusively for our RAR Members. These meetings are a time for the members to come together to learn or discuss something specific to their area of alcohol or marijuana service and sales. It is also a great time for the members to come together, outside of their competitive barriers, and discuss issues or topics, which might be affecting everyone in our community. These meetings are also a very effective time that brings us closer together as an association. Each Chapter attends 6 to 8 meetings a year, 2 of which bring all the members together, known as our ALL RAR meetings.

TIPS Logo.png

TiPS Training:  TIPS (Training for Intervention ProcedureS) is the global leader in education and training for the responsible service, sale, and consumption of alcohol. TIPS is a skills-based training program that is designed to prevent intoxication, underage drinking, and drunk driving. RAR provides TiPS trainings for all facets of the alcohol industry including On Premise, Off Premise, University, Concessions and more… RAR as well provides regularly scheduled monthly trainings for all of these, and often there are extra trainings provided throughout the year to make sure every community is properly covered.


TenderWise:  TenderWise is a Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) and Colorado Department of Health and Environment certified Responsible Vendor Training. We wrote and developed this program, on our own, under the guidance of the MED and CDPHE. This class provides cannabis industry budtenders, managers, and owners with education on Colorado marijuana laws, policies, procedures and responsibility. This class is designed to help responsibly sell cannabis and cannabis infused products in our Colorado legalized and regulated environment. Special attention is given to preventing youth access, reducing at-risk activities and other harms that bring negative attention to the industry. We want to help partner with the industry for responsible use and sale. RAR as well provides regularly scheduled monthly trainings for the program, and often there are extra trainings provided throughout the year to make sure every community is properly covered.

Again, these are just a few of the examples of what RAR has to offer to all the communities we serves and I hope has, as well, given you better insight into what we do behind the scenes here. If you have any interest in joining RAR or participating in any of the events or trainings, please contact us at :

Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!!!




By Gordon Coombes- Executive Director


In 2014, I took on the role of Executive Director at then, Team Fort Collins. Coming from a background in law enforcement and business, I had a steep learning curve ahead of me when it came to public health and prevention science. In that first year, admittedly. I often got “talked of the table” by highly educated professionals from the public health world. They used buzz words, jargon and vernacular that was very foreign to me. However, due to my experience as a narcotics detective, I had something that cannot be learned in a classroom or lecture hall and certainly cannot be explained in a book. I had met and spoken in-depth with literally thousands of people suffering from substance use disorder. I had come to understand and recognize the common characteristics that encircle the life of an individual suffering from substance use disorder. I gained a unique view into the struggle of addiction and the negative impact it has on an individual’s life, family, relationship and the community as a whole.

In my first year as TEAM’s Director, I began a process of syncing my life experience to the academia of public health and prevention science. One concept that has resonated and is the basis of our prevention work at TEAM is the concept of “Risk and Protective Factors” and the idea that there are shared risk and protective factors that impact all risky youth behaviors and disorders. Research shows that the risk for substance abuse and other adverse behaviors increases as the number of risk factors increases, and that protective factors may reduce the risk of youth engaging in substance use that can lead to substance abuse. This interactive effect of risk and protective factors has substantial implications for the design and implementation of successful preventive interventions. The more a program reduces risk factors and increases protective factors, the more it is likely to succeed in preventing substance abuse among children and youth.

The critical element of this philosophy is that it is these risk factors, both biological and sociological, that drive substance use disorder, not the substances themselves. What does that mean when it comes to prevention work? It means that we need to shift how we conduct prevention education. Once we understand the why, it is less important to educate on the what. In other words, once we understand what risk factors cause substance use disorder and other risky activities, we need to educate and impact these risk factors as opposed to educating youth about what substance are out there. With that in mind, it is only logical that educating youth about substances without the benefit of educating and impacting risk and protective factors can be a dangerous approach. In the 1980’s we essentially were providing youth who had high risk factors and low protective factors with information on what substances are available and their effects of those substances. Virtually giving them a guidebook on what drug to use to cope with the risk factors in their lives. This logic explains why prevention tactics from the 1980’s were largely ineffective on those who were at high risk of substance use disorder. It also helps to understand why they were relatively effective with youth who were at low risk and who had high protective factors prevention abuse.

Thankfully our knowledge has increased and we can apply a more informed approach to preventing substance use disorder in the communities that we serve. In addition, by applying the risk and protective factor approach, we can have a broad impact on youth and community health.


Upcoming TEAM Events

Keep up to date on what events are happening at TEAM Wellness & Prevention. This section provides information about events and programs that are open to the general population and afford the community a chance to get involve with all things TEAM.  


RAR Hopping at Bondi Beach Bar

RAR Hopping for November is on November 28th at Bondi Beach Bar. It may be November but we want you to sport your best beach attire! Prizes awarded for best beach outfit. There will be other games, prizes and give- aways!

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Simply Talented.png

Simply Talented- Semi Finals

Simply Talented Semi Finals will be held on December 3rd & 4th at the Sundance Steakhouse and Saloon. Watch the top 15 contestants battle it out to be finalists for our Simply Talented Finale.

Individual Tickets are available for $5.00 per night or you can purchase both nights for $7.50

A limited menu will be available for purchase thanks to the Sundance. This is a closed event in support of TEAM Wellness & Prevention



Benefit for TEAM Wellness & Prevention on Thursday December 6th at 7:00 PM

The winter frost softens the crisp reflection of trees in the water.

Paint for a good cause! $10 of each registration will be donated to TEAM Wellness & Prevention! 

Pinot’s Palette is a pioneer of the paint and sip experience – a revolutionary way to enjoy art and wine, meet new people and bond with friends.

Guests enjoy a no-experience-required art class—all supplies included—directed by trained, local artists, who guide guests step-by-step through a featured painting. 

The more the merrier, INVITE YOUR FRIENDS! 

You may arrive up to 30 minutes early to get your drink and apron on!