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by Adam Musielewicz, Coalition Director/Interim Executive Director

No DUI Larimer, continues to build steam in identifying opportunities for collaboration in the shared goal of ending impaired driving in Larimer County. One such opportunity is aligning and working along side local law enforcement. No DUI Larimer is lucky to have representatives from various local law enforcement agencies, committed to keeping Larimer county roads safe. Law enforcement's insight regarding the day to day challenges and successes of impaired driving enforcement is imperative to understanding what works and what doesn't, and how a community-based project can be supportive.

Part of No DUI Larimer's current conversation is how to help communicate to the general public the importance and presence of DUI/DWAI enforcement. This includes tactics such as High Visibility Enforcement (HVE) activities, demonstrating the community value and norm that driving impaired is not acceptable. This is just one area that No DUI Larimer is exploring during this time. To learn more about HVE and how it can be used to enhance impaired driving enforcement, click here to access

"Notes from the Field: Evidence-Based Practices Using Data to Drive Down Traffic Fatalities" - ttps://


team fashion

by Natasia Lovato-Garcia, Program Specialist
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Fashion plays a huge role in society. Not only does it reach us in our adult lives, but it also reaches our children. So, when we continuously see a particular type of person each time we look in a magazine or watch a runway fashion show online or on tv, our thought process is being shaped to think that this is how we are all supposed to look - perfectly flawless. Our young people want to “fit in” by wearing the most up to date fashion and accessories. They want to wear what everyone else is wearing and look a particular type of way. This is something that makes youth become self-conscience, and it may affect their self-esteem, which then could affect their relationships, their mental health, and their overall social life

However, when fashion is explored by our young people positively and healthily, the results are exceptional!

When I created Team Fashion, I created it keeping in mind how influenced our young people are by the fashion industry- both positive and negative ways. Team Fashion is a program made for young people to explore fashion in positive ways while also learning how to overcome adverse events that may occur in life. Every session we learn how to solve problems, communicate with others and learn about how life is not perfect. We learn how to make decisions, how to make and keep friends, and how to overcome life obstacles all while building our confidence by place in a real live fashion show!

TEAM Wellness and Prevention is excited for TEAM Fashion, Summer 2019 to begin and delighted to announce that TEAM will be partnering again with the Larimer County Pulliam Boys in Girls Club in Loveland and The Wellington Boys & Girls Club!

If your children are not participating in this summer program at these sites, and your child has expressed interest in joining or if you have any further questions, please contact Natasia-Garcia Youth Program Specialist by email at or by calling TEAM's office at 970-224-9931 ext 2


Programming for prevention

By Meg Rohde- Program Specialist

TEAM Wellness and Prevention would like to recognize a OM ANANDA YOGA as a partner with our Define Youth program to educate youth on a variety of healthy, alternative activities available to them within our community!

For more information on the Define Program by TEAM Wellness and Prevention, please call 970-224-9931 ext 2.


parenting partnerships

your life on brainwise

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10 Wise Ways Wise Way

Wise Way 1: Wizard Brain over Lizard Brain

Wise Way 2: Constellation of Support

Wise Way 3: Recognizing Red Flags

Wise Way 4: Exiting the Emotions Elevator

Wise Way 5: Separating Fact from Opinion

Wise Way 6: Asking Questions and Gathering Information

Wise Way 7: Identify Your Choices

Wise Way 8: Consider Consequences

Wise Way 9: Setting Goals and Plans for Action

Wise Way 10: Communicate Effectively

With all 10 Wise Ways, you now have the tools to help make a lifetime of wise decisions. Remember that it takes practice and consistency to make Wise Ways a habit.

For more information on Engaging Families and the BrainWise program, email


RAR News

Responsible Association of retailers bond with a code of ethics

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by Adam Musielewicz- Coalition Director


Openness and discussion are important components of any group effort. It is the same with No DUI Larimer, a Team Wellness & Prevention project focused on ended impaired driving in our community. One of the most valuable assets of this project is the expertise, commitment, and collaboration of the No DUI Larimer Steering Committee. The multi-disciplinary group, a broad cross-section of professional and personal backgrounds, have been instrumental in guiding the goals of the project. In February the group came together to begin the process of prioritizing strategies that might be a "fit" for our community. With thorough discussion and feedback, steering committee members helped prioritized strategies focused on supporting local law enforcement, educating the public the risks of impaired driving, and advocating on the state level for changes to funding to support impaired driving enforcement. As always, broader community feedback is and will be essential. In the next few months, Team and the Steering Committee will be soliciting additional feedback regarding strategies recommendations and in doing so, help address impaired driving in Larimer County  

Survey Sarah

Cannabis consumed through edibles causing increase in ER visits

by Sarah Allison - Evaluation Director

One of the main topics of conversation here at TEAM Wellness & Prevention is the growing science around the effects of marijuana consumption on the human body in the long term. After legalization, doctors and scientists initiated hundreds of longitudinal studies to see how cannabis consumption over time can impact the overall wellness of a person. While these studies continue to collect data, we can also find some short-term results by looking at records from hospitals since legalization occurred.

Dr. Andrew Monte, an emergency medicine and toxicology specialist at UC Health tracked nearly 10,000 cannabis-related ER visits between 2012 and 2016. Within that time period, he found that cannabis visits related to edible consumption were 33 times higher than expected given that they are a far smaller share of the cannabis market than smoking products. Users who smoke marijuana can still end up at the hospital, mostly from cannabis hyperemesis syndrome which is defined by persistent nausea and vomiting; but edibles can cause severe psychiatric effects and heart problems.


The reasons why edibles are causing so many hospital visits are unclear – part of that on-going science we mentioned earlier – but there are some theories. Originally, Monte hypothesized this was due to the later onset of the effects of edibles causing people to take higher dosages than they would when smoking. However, his new theory is related to the longer length of the symptoms from edibles causing patients to grow increasingly concerned and admit themselves to the ER.

 The take-away from studies like this are that while cannabis is available recreationally, it may not be the right choice or completely safe for everyone. Anyone who plans to use should be aware of the risks they face and understand when to seek emergency care. The risk of adverse drug effects did not disappear with legalization and we will continue to track the science surround cannabis into the future.