TEAM's Stance on Cannabis

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The evolution of TEAM working with the industry has been a long, thought out and deliberate process with the end goal being substance abuse prevention. TEAM Wellness & Prevention is a youth substance abuse prevention organization that favors a developmental approach to addressing youth substance use. TEAM’s philosophy is that prevention is the responsibility of the entire community and therefore we incorporate evidenced based and/or informed environmental strategies to limit youth access to substances.

One of these tactics is the implementation of responsible retailer associations. Responsible retailers are retailer (alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana) who subscribe to a code of ethics about the responsible manufacture, distribution and sale of substances that have age restrictions due to the substances potential risk to youth. In 2015 TEAM expanded its Responsible Alcohol Retailers program to incorporate tobacco and marijuana and renamed the program Responsible Association of Retailers and formed a marijuana retailer chapter. RAR Marijuana Chapter retailers are marijuana retailers who are committed to the following:

·         Restricting youth access to marijuana

·         Promoting education and knowledge related to risks associated with marijuana use

·         Promoting responsible use of marijuana among adults including:

·         Controlling out of state transportation and diversion of marijuana sold in Colorado.

·         Restricting marijuana use in public locations, public lands and federal property

·         Restricting drugged driving and the exacerbation of other adverse public health consequences

TEAM Wellness & Prevention believes that strong state regulation related to the cultivation, distribution and sale of marijuana and marijuana infused products by the State of Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division, in combination with local regulatory enforcement by county/municipal regulatory agencies, and the dedication and voluntary compliance of responsible marijuana retailers through responsible retailer , such as TEAM’S RAR,  will have the following impact on the legal marijuana industry in Colorado:       

·         Limit youth access to marijuana;

·         Regulation of THC content in marijuana infused products;

·         Regulation of safe growing and manufacturing practices of marijuana products;

·         Reduction of black market sales of marijuana to youth and adults;

·         Reduction of violence and the use of firearms in the cultivation and distribution of marijuana products;

·         Limitation of Colorado marijuana products being diverted to other states for distribution;

·         Reduction of revenue related to marijuana cultivation, distribution and sales from going to criminal enterprises, gangs and cartels;

·         Reduction of drugged driving and other public health related issues

·         Furtherance of policy, legislation and practices designed to reduce harms, risks and unintended consequences associated with marijuana legalization in Colorado.

We strongly believe that we can be more effective in pursuing these goals by working with the industry than we can be if choose to work against the industry that was voted for by over 60% of Colorado voters.

In an era by which so many issues are polarized, good vs. bad, right vs. left, black vs. white. We choose to seek middle ground to further the health of the community as best we can in the world that we live in.