Holiday WIshes- Sarah Allison

Happy Holidays! One thing that comes clearly into focus during the holiday season is everything in our lives for which we should give thanks. This year, I would like to take the opportunity to give thanks to our amazing community and all the ways in which they inform our work.

As an evaluator, understanding the lay of the land in our community is absolutely key to ensuring that we as an organization are doing our due diligence to address the most pressing issues facing Larimer County. This would be an absolutely impossible task without the support of all the local organizations, government agencies, and engaged citizens that we call our neighbors. Recently, in an effort to illicit community feedback on the findings of our community needs assessment for DUI issues, we send out a short video of the assessment results and a survey to collect local thoughts and opinions. The generous giving of time from Larimer County residents to complete that survey gives us key perspective and knowledge of gaps that need to be addressed as we move into the strategic planning phase of our DUI project.

Even the development of the assessment itself relied on collaboration and conversation with local organizations, law enforcement, and shared data from partners. Our regular program evaluation relies on honest feedback to our surveys, our coalition evaluations rely on members taking time out of their busy workday to share their thoughts, and the development of our upcoming projects rely on community feedback to our planned strategies. Every piece of our work depends on feedback from individuals in our community sharing their perspectives with us.

As I look into 2019, I see a year with stronger data sharing between TEAM and the community with even more opportunities for you to share your thoughts with us.

We wish you the happiest of holidays and look forward to hearing from you!