For the last 29 years, TEAM Wellness and Prevention has provided alcohol and drug prevention services to Northern Colorado communities with programs to assist youth, young adults and families advancing toward greatness. With that success, TEAM has pushed forward taking prevention to another level.

In March of 2017, TEAM Wellness and Prevention took the opportunity to expand on prevention and treatment, when introducing the community to Rebound by TEAM Wellness and Prevention. Rebound is a fully functioning facility and fully licensed by the Office of Behavioral Health (OBH #1837-00). With a developmental approach to addressing substance use disorder, Rebound incorporates the positive, uplifting philosophy that has made TEAM the premiere substance use disorder and prevention organization.

Rebound by TEAM Wellness and Prevention offers an array of treatment programs to assist the success of consumers. Coloradoan's are well aware that there are laws against driving while impaired and becoming at risk of losing the privilege to drive. If faced with a DUI/DWAI charge and conviction, Rebound has you covered offering Level I and Level II Education and Track A-D Therapy. Rebound strives to educate on the do's and don't's before choosing to drive while under the influence.

As an addition, Rebound addresses the needs of the community for its youth and young adults with Teen Rebound. Teen Rebound offers youth who have been in trouble with the courts or their school and is also a program for the concerned parent. Teen Rebound is designed as an outpatient program for those under age 21, as education and treatment to youth who are using, experimenting, abusing or dependency of substances. Youth involved in this program are facing consequences as a result of an alcohol or other drug-related violation, usually through an arrest, court or school referral. Teen Rebound is designed for individuals to learn strategies for taking personal responsibility, for making positive, long-lasting behavior changes while incorporating interactive journals that will lead to better choices in the future.

Rebound has big plans to assist the Northern Colorado community with additional programs. In January 2019, Rebound will be introducing Sober and Searching. A program for those looking for self-help to encourage sober living and a healthy lifestyle and Family Rebound where parents can receive information in a group setting, on adolescent substance use and ways to support their child. Rebound will also offer Interlock Enhancement Counseling (IEC) for those who are ordered to drive with an Interlock device as part of the DMV process to get your driving privileges back and Level II 4+ Treatment for those who have been convicted of 4 or more impaired driving offenses. This level of treatment is considered Track F by the DMV and the Office of Behavioral Health to address individuals with a more comprehensible treatment service.

Rebound is about moving forward and learning from the choices made as individuals by promoting healthy life changes, self-awareness and increase the awareness when among our peers. The Rebound staff and licensed counselors, work together with various probation departments throughout Colorado, establish partnerships with other community agencies, and with other states in which an individual may have committed an offense, to promote a formula for the consumer to satisfy their needs without jeopardizing their future.

Rebound strongly believes in paying it forward. Since TEAM Wellness and Prevention is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, proceeds from the Rebound Programs go toward the benefits of funding the various programs that are implemented by the TEAM's Youth Program Specialists in Northern Colorado's community, schools, and non-profit agencies.

To learn more about our Rebound programs, please visit or call 970-224-9931 x1 or x710 or email