Let's Evaluate This by Sarah Allison

This month, I would love to step away from sharing our awesome programming results to talk about all of the different kind of data we collect and work with here at TEAM Wellness & Prevention! It is vital that we collect large amounts of data to ensure that all of our programs and activities are hitting the mark and meet the needs of our community.

We carefully evaluate all of our programs using a number of different tried-and-true survey tools. In the last few months, we have shared data from our Engaging Families Initiative, our Define Youth program, and our Youth Empowered Yoga program. Coming soon, we will be sharing data on our TEAM Fashion program as well. In all of our programming, we collect data on our youth’s demographics, social support systems, history with substance use, perception of substance use, and mindfulness. All of this data comes straight back to me here at the TEAM office where I enter it into our databases, clean it, and begin my analyses!  

In addition to our programming data, we have some larger community level data coming through our office on a regular basis. Our Responsible Association of Retailers collects information from I.D. compliance checks at local alcohol retailers and our new TenderWise program, which provides budtender training with a prevention lens, will be bringing in data from the marijuana industry in the near future. Keeping track of the trends in the industry allows us to work together as a community to prevent substances from getting into the hands of local youth and that all adult patrons are served responsibly.

Finally, here at TEAM Wellness & Prevention, we regularly complete community needs assessments to ensure that any intervention we complete reflects the true needs of our population. Currently, we have begun a DUI/DWAI community needs assessment where we are collecting data and synthesizing it to get a better understanding of DUI/DWAI issues throughout Larimer County so that we can go into our strategic planning well informed.

We are always willing to discuss and share the results of our work. Please reach out to me at sarah@teamwandp.org anytime if you have a data request!

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