When it comes to modeling the kind of lifestyle and choices that we hope for our children, we know that ideally begins at home. Parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents - all have the unique ability to impact the positive development of young people. The Southern Larimer Prevention Partnership (SLPP) aims to do just that; working to engage and support parents in having fruitful conversations with their children about substance use and abuse. 

Specifically, the coalition is working on implementing the SpeakNow! campaign; a social marketing strategy to promote positive conversations about drug use. Why such as strategy? Trusting conversations are important - 54.6% of Larimer County HS reported their parents addressed the dangers of substance use with them in the last 12months (Healthy Kids Colorado Survey, 2015). We have a great opportunity to support parents in building opens lines of communication in their families about drug use. The SpeakNow! campaign with both social marketing and train the trainer components, intends to promote consistent and positive communication between parents/guardians and their children. 

Melissa Lovato