Defining Results- Sarah Allison

Our Define Youth program has served over 115 local youth and is demonstrating awesome results! We love celebrating the successes of the youth in our community, so today let’s take a moment to talk about the improvement these kiddos have achieved through the Define program.


First, let’s take a look at the statistically significant (p<.05) improvements we’re seeing in our youth. We are seeing these positive changes in our Define Youth graduates’ abilities to:

·  Use higher-level thinking skills

·  Use their Wizard Brains over their Lizard Brains

·  Recognize red flag warnings

·  Consider the consequences of their actions now and later

·  Set goals and form action plans

·  Identify their choices

Next, let’s take a look at some more fun facts from our data!

·  61% of kids improved their self-efficacy 

·  73% improved their ability to identify their choices

·  83.6% improved their ability to consider short- and long-term consequences

·  68% improved their ability to set goals and make action plans

·  68% improved in recognizing red flag warnings

·  69% improved overall higher level thinking

We cannot get enough of effecting positive changes in Larimer County!

Melissa Lovato