TEAM wants to thank Colorado State Representative Jeni Arndt for her work on House Bill 18-1362! This bill has passed through the legislature and has been sent to the Governor’s desk for signing.

As part of our Colorado Office of Behavioral Health Persistent Drunk Driving- Law Enforcement Assistance Funds effort. TEAM’s Executive Director, Gordon Coombes, has been actively participating in the Colorado Task Force on Drunk & Impaired Driving. In participating in this task force, TEAM was engaged in an effort to ensure that needed representation was included on the existing task force. After some quick work, TEAM approached Rep. Arndt about the potential of introducing a late bill to 2018 Legislative session that would expand the task force to include a community representative of the substance use disorder prevention field, a member of the Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED), and a local owner or manager of a retail or medical marijuana dispensary.

The idea of including a community representative from the substance use disorder prevention field was in ensure that there is a community voice at the task force that can speak to prevention efforts that impact communities in Colorado. The MED and the owner/manager of a dispensary representatives were and effort to mirror current alcohol industry and alcohol regulatory agency seats on the task force.

This effort was made possible through the hard and fast work of Rep. Arndt. We are proud to have such a responsive and hardworking legislator representing the Fort Collins community in the State House. It was such a pleasure to work with her and her staff on this project. This small change to the makeup of the Colorado Task Force on Drunk and Impaired Driving will have an impact on the overall safety of our roadways and the motoring public in Colorado.

Thank you Rep. Arndt!

Melissa Lovato