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TEAM offers several substance abuse prevention programs for youth,

parents, families and groups. 

To find out more about our youth programs contact Meg Rohde @

To find out more about treatment programs please contact Melissa Lovato @



Rebound is an alcohol and drug treatment program run by TEAM Wellness & Prevention. Rebound treatment programs include Substance Abuse Evaluations, DUI Education Classes, DUI Therapy and Teen substance abuse treatment and Family support.   Rebound is geared to youth and young adults, adults, and families who are developing toward greatness. Rebound programs incorporates the positive and uplifting philosophy that has made TEAM the premiere substance use disorder prevention organization serving Fort Collins and Northern Colorado for the last 30 years.

We favor a developmental approach to addressing youth and adult substance use. We recognize and embrace the inclination toward taking risks and we promote a formula for treatment and prevention that provides opportunities for clients to satisfy their needs without compromising their future.

TEAM Wellness & Prevention is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization and Rebound is a program of TEAM. Proceeds from the Rebound Program are directly used to fund youth substance abuse prevention education and programming in Northern Colorado. 

All of our classes are licensed and certified by the Colorado Office of Behavioral Health.





Teen Treatment Service





TEAM's Teen Rebound program incorporates the Alternatives Youth Diversion Education Program, Alternatives is a 40-page Interactive Journal, that offers a fresh approach to youth education and intervention. It is designed to provide facts, tools and support for those under 21 years of age who have been arrested or have had consequences as a result of alcohol and other drug-related violations. Individuals learn strategies for taking personal responsibility and making positive, long-lasting behavior changes that will lead to better choices in the future.

Education and treatment support for adolescents and their families for substance use, abuse,and dependency. 

Teen Rebound is an outpatient program administered by a Certified Addictions Counselor. The program is designed to provide education and treatment to youth who are experimenting with substance use and are beginning to suffer consequences as a result of their use.


Rebound is a licensed and certified alcohol and drug treatment program run by TEAM Wellness & Prevention. 

Rebound is geared to youth and young adults who are developing toward greatness. Rebound incorporates the positive and uplifting philosophy that has made TEAM the premiere substance abuse prevention organization serving Fort Collins and Northern Colorado for the last 28 years.


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team fashion

TEAM Fashion by TEAM Wellness and Prevention is offered to children who attend the Boys and Girls Clubs of Larimer County. A perfect program for all genders and ages outside of sports or academic activities.

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confidence building

TEAM Fashion participants build high levels of self-confidence, develop social skills and form necessary tools to make healthy choices.


fashion show

TEAM Fashion is a 10-week program using the BrainWise curriculum. This evidence-based program provides many benefits for children and young adults through the lens of fashion..



TEAM Fashion is to help children become more aware of problems that they face and how to handle those problems by embracing and practicing positive solutions while building new friendships with their TEAM Fashion peers

For more information on TEAM Fashion and how you can participate with TEAM Fashion, please contact Natasia Lovato, Youth Program Specialist at or by calling TEAM’s office at 970-224-9931.

Define Youth

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What's Define Youth?

Define Youth is a strengths-based group mentorship program for young adults (ages 12-18) on the brink of important life decisions regarding substance use. Based on a Positive Youth Development approach, Define Youth uses 3 components to empower each participant to make healthy decisions.


- Participants learn skills necessary to make healthy choices and set goals to make positive life changes.

- Participants discover their inherent strengths and learn how to apply them within internally and externally.


As a means of learning how to apply their strengths, participants complete 5-10 hours of community service.

Final Reflective Project

Each participant completes the Defining Moment Project, which allows the participant to showcase any realizations made, knowledge attained, or plans for living in wellness.



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What is YEY?

An group-based yoga and mindfulness program developed to strengthen healthy coping skills when confronted with stressors, such as academic issues, peer-pressure, family challenges, or low self-esteem.

In this program, the Program Specialist (trained yoga instructor) collaborates with participants to:

- Strengthen stress reduction techniques through practicing mindfulness and building resiliency skills.

- Expand sense of community and encourage positive accountability for healthy behaviors among the group.

- Increase and apply social and emotional skills, such as self-management, self-awareness, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision making.


Engaging Families Initiative

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What's Engaging Families

The Engaging Families Initiative is an effort coordinated by TEAM Wellness & Prevention to

- Give families the tools to grow together and make health decisions as a family and individually.

- Establish a common language in the home to bind families together.

- Increase the level of positive influence parents have on youth.

Through Engaging Families, TEAM collaborates with non-profits, school personnel, and community members deliver evidence-based or informed social emotional curriculum to youth and parents/guardians. Each Engaging Families program series is taught by trained facilitators to youth and parents/guardians in separate classrooms with developmentally and language appropriate activities and discussions.


If you are interested in hosting an Engaging Families program series or would like to get involved, fill out the form below.

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Responsible Association of Retailers


Who We Are

Responsible Association Retailers (RAR) is a group of businesses who adhere to a Code of Ethics around the safe sale and service of alcohol. Members are liquor stores, bars, restaurants, and other businesses that provide a service to alcohol retailers that support their efforts. The group first convened in the fall of 2004.

RAR members are united in their commitment to the following goals:

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  • Preventing access to alcohol by minors

  • Avoiding business practices that promote high-risk drinking

  • Providing options for patrons to get home safely

  • Collaborating with community entities to solve challenges faced by alcohol retailers

  • Providing server responsibility training opportunities for staff

  • Cultivating a relationship built on trust with Fort Collins and Loveland Police Departments

  • Informing the community about our commitment to reduce underage drinking


There are two chapters of RAR, one in Fort Collins and one in Loveland. While united in a commitment to the safe sale and service of alcohol, each chapter is designed to address the challenges that are unique to their respective communities. The businesses in each city are also governed by different law enforcement agencies. Membership in the respective chapters helps businesses cultivate relationships with their local agency.

Code of Ethics

The first RAR members convened in response to a recommendation by the Colorado State University Presidential Task Force on Underage Drinking (2004) to draft a Code of Ethics. The Code of Ethics represented a public commitment to prevent underage access to alcohol and high risk drinking behavior. The RAR Code of Ethics continues to serve as the group’s guiding principles today.

  1. We diligently check IDs to ensure that we do not sell alcoholic beverages to any person under the legal drinking age (21). Our employees are trained in how to validate the authenticity of IDs.

  2. We encourage designated drivers as well as the use of public transportation and community ride programs for customers who may be at risk of exceeding the legal limits.

  3. We train our employees on how to identify individuals who are inebriated, and we will not sell or serve alcohol to those individuals.

  4. We instruct our employees to contact emergency responders if they suspect individuals are exhibiting signs of alcohol poisoning.

  5. We follow the rules and regulations of the Colorado Department of Revenue-Liquor Enforcement Division, as well as out local liquor licensing authority .

  6. We support state and local law enforcement personnel and practices.

  7. We conduct business in a responsible manner and will not tolerate activities that are offensive to the general senses of the average citizen or to the residents of the surrounding neighborhood.

  8. We advocate the responsible consumption of alcohol in our promotions and drinks specials.

  9. We promote alcohol awareness and education within our establishments.

  10. We are community members, neighbors, taxpayers, parents, and contributors to local charities, and we are proud to conduct business in our community.




TenderWise is a Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division certified Responsible Vendor Training. This class provides cannabis industry budtenders, managers, and owners with education on Colorado marijuana laws, policies, health impact and procedures. This class is designed to help responsibly sell cannabis and cannabis infused products in a our Colorado legalized and regulated environment. Special attention is given to preventing youth access, reducing at-risk activities and other harms that bring negative attention to the industry. We want to help partner with the industry for responsible use and sale.

TenderWise is part of TEAM’s Responsible Association of Retailers Program.

RAR Cannabis Chapter members receive unlimited TenderWise enrollments per year for $20.00 per attendee. This covers the cost of materials for the TenderWise Responsible Vendor Program. Non RAR Members can register for any of our existing classes for $100 per attendee.