team fashion

This summer program is offered to children who attend the Boys and Girls Clubs of Larimer County and developed though TEAM Wellness and Prevention in 2015.

TEAM Fashion is a program outside of sports or other academic ventures. As a free alternative activity for children of all ages and genders, this evidence-based program provides many benefits for children and young adults through the lens of fashion.

In a 10-week BrainWise course, TEAM Fashion participants will benefit in these activities by building higher levels of self-confidence, develop social skills, discuss and form necessary tools to make healthy choices. The participants will be involved in open discussions about the consequences of actions, bullying, and friendships. TEAM Fashion also includes engaging in activities to help promote positive body image, goal-setting and reaching those goals as well as long-term life skills while practicing for a fashion show at the end of the course.

TEAM Fashion is to help children become more aware of the problems that they face and how to handle those problems by embracing and practicing positive solutions.

For more information on how you can be involved with TEAM Fashion, please contact Natasia Lovato, Youth Program Specialist @ or by calling TEAM's office at 970-224-9931 ext 0 (zero)