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Youth Prevention In A Post Marijuana Legalized State

Lessons Learned In One Colorado Community

A Symposium For Public Health, Law Enforcement, Policy Makers, and Industry Professionals

June 17 & 18, 2019


Fort Collins, Colorado

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TEAM Wellness & Prevention invites you to our inaugural Turning Over A New Leaf Symposium in Fort Collins, Colorado at the beautiful Hilton Fort Collins.

Listed in Forbes Magazine’ s 14 Best Places To Travel in the US in 2019, Fort Collins, Colorado is home to Colorado State University, an energetic arts scene and an entrepreneurial spirit. It also boasts a vibrant food scene and a variety of outdoor recreation, all within minutes of downtown Fort Collins.

The energetic culture and community of Fort Collins serves as a shining backdrop to the partnerships that are aimed at increasing community health and wellness.

Come learn how this community evolved and adapted to marijuana legalization and has become a model for effective public health collaboration.


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Sessions Include:


Partnering For Prevention- TEAM's Story

A behind the scenes look at how one prevention organization went from fighting marijuana to working with the industry. Follow the journey as adversaries become allies to prevent youth substance use and abuse

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Just The Facts-Leave Your Bias At The Door

There is a lot of data floating around about the impact that marijuana legalization has had in Colorado. This session aims to give you just the facts, without the spin, the good, the bad and the ugly.


New Age of Cannabis Enforcement

See how law enforcement agencies have changed their approach to marijuana enforcement following legalization. What is working and what isn't? All from a local and state perspective.

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Responsible Retailers- How to Build Your Chapter

Responsible retailer groups are an evidence based strategy that have been used with alcohol and tobacco prevention. How can a responsible retailer group work with marijuana and how do you create one?

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What Does The Doctor Order?

The research changes on a regular basis. What do we know about the impact of marijuana use on the individual and on society. These Doctors will take you through what we know and what we are seeing.

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Industry Insight- A Panel Q&A With Industry Insiders

A panel of industry owners, managers, marketers, and budtenders sit down to answer questions about the industry and what they are seeing. Also learn about why they are partnered to prevent substance abuse.


Seed to Sale- A Guided Tour of Colorado Regulation

Colorado was the first and since legalization, the regulations surrounding the industry have continued to evolve. Get a guided tour through a grow operation, manufacturing facility and a dispensary to see how the industry is regulated.